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  • For the woman who is tired of playing different characters to fit in every circle.

  • For the woman who is tired of trying to make everyone believe that she does not need help.

  • For the woman who is tired of playing by the world's handbook.

  • For the wife who is tired of living up to all the "goals" of marriage she sees on social media.

  • To the mom is takes care of everyone and then feels guilt when she takes care of herself.

  • To the woman who is tired and wants to see the fruit of her labor.

  • To the grandma who is tired of seeing what is happening around her.

  • To the intercessor that finds it hard to keep getting back on that wall.

  • To the prophetic mouth pieces who are worn from feeling ignored and not taken seriously.

  • To the schoolteacher seeing the effects of the pandemic and getting discouraged.

  • To the moms who feels like they have failed their child/children at this online school thing.

  • To the woman who is quietly struggling with past sexual, verbal, physical, and spiritual abuse.

You are tired of being paralyzed.

There is hope. There is REST for you when you come to Jesus. He can care for our deepest burdens and praise God, He does not force us to carry the load alone. He comes and makes the weight so light that we can continue running this race. That's His grace. But the Lord is not responsible if we insist on carrying the load ourselves hollering about, "I got it, I got it." In the end we sure are not fooling Him and we definitely are not helping ourselves.

When the Father beckons us to come and rest, He is not telling us to be lazy. He is not telling us to abandon hard work. He is not telling us that what we have on our plates is not important. Instead, what He is saying is that He is THE PRIORITY and if we come to Him then we can trust that He is positioning us back in the flow of His grace. That's why we REST often so that we can make sure we stay in the grace flow. In that flow you get to live the supernatural life. You get to experience a way of living that is unheard of for many because they refuse to rest. But not you. You woman of God are HERE FOR IT! You are here to experience God's healing, freedom, peace, joy, deliverance, forgiveness, love, power, and more.

If you here for the God experience type in the comments "I AM HERE FOR IT!"

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