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Get in on the conversation where we discuss faith, family, finances and more. Restful Conversations will be an interactive monthly event led by DeLonda and always with a special guest. The conversations will empower you to experience more of God’s rest. Don’t you want more of God’s peace, joy, freedom, and power in your life?

Get ready for insightful, compelling, and vulnerable conversations infused with biblical truths, love, laughter, and REST!


Can you remember the last conversation you had that left you feeling lighter, encouraged, and more hopeful?

What do these conversations look like?


We pray. We talk. We invite you into the conversation. We give you real answers to your questions. It's that simple.


Sharing your two cents is optional. Feel free to come, relax, and listen. You will feel lighter leaving than when you came in!

More of what you need to know:


  • Restful Conversations will be part of the Girl Rest! podcast. The episodes will be live recordings in which you will be able to chime into the conversation.

  • The duration will be 30-45 minutes.

  • Subjects for upcoming Restful Conversation episodes will be announced in our newsletter and on our social media platforms.

We will meet you in our next conversation!

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