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You are going, going, going. You don't know how to sit, relax, take a break, and what in the world is a nap? Who does that anymore? Yet, you are exhausted and on the edge of burnout if you are not there already. You maybe doing great things for God and yet there is something missing. You love God but you feel defeated on every side and secretly you you doubt God. Behind the curtains you struggle with your past but you keep saying, "Everything is fine!"


Good news! We are here to help you find rest through Jesus.

It’s time to get off the busy train and experience what your very soul has been craving.

It’s REST!

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Join our community and be a part of the journey where women are coming and making every effort to make JESUS their priority. We are making it our first business to find rest for our minds, bodies, and souls.


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DeLonda Adams ministers the Word of God with a prophetic anointing, and she is able to connect with others on a personal level.

She unpacks the Word of God with power, relevance and grace. Her southern accent and inviting presence instantly engages, brings love, and realness to women. Her passion is contagious as she invigorates the body to experience true freedom and grace by finding rest in Jesus.

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We will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

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